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(startups, VC, investing, crypto etc.)

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You are the average of the people around you. Among our community members are:

  • Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Bain, JP Morgan, VC, PM, data science and quantitative trading interns / graduates.
  • Student founders raising money and exiting.
  • Students ranked top of their degrees.

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We are an incubator for learning.

  • Learn about tech, finance, investing, crypto and AI.
  • Discover the best books, articles, and podcasts
  • We are already running workshops on investing, blockchain, angel investing, machine learning and entrepreneurship.

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Connect with anyone.

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  • Find mentors in any industry.
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Hear from our community member: 

“Next Chapter is the natural evolution of how professional graduates and talent are prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

Next Chapter offers a solution. A community focused on actively networking with change-makers of our generation, regular meetups and the obsessive connection with discovering emerging concepts, learning them and applying them to the fluctuating needs of industry.

University course content, internships, scholarships & networking nights provide a one-dimensional view where a focus is placed on the intersection between theory and industry experience.

We live in a much more complicated world, where there are many more variables at play, and this is the very reason why I joined Next Chapter – to fuel my curiosity, engage with talented minds and to best prepare myself for an unpredictable tomorrow. 

Himanshu Singh

Founder at TeachFlows and NotesEdu, UNSW Co-op Scholarship Student

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