25 New Interview Questions for 2021


We interviewed people at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citi, BCG and more to find out 25 new interview questions for 2021!

The Next Chapter Team reached out to our network from 10+ banks and consulting firms to bring you the latest questions and curve balls candidates are facing in 2021.

After what has been a challenging year for job search, we hope this list helps.

  1. What challenges does COVID pose for the financial services industry?

  2. Name 3 trends which you think have been accelerated by COVID?

  3. What has the pandemic taught you about yourself?

  4. Why would a company raise money through equity instead of debt at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?

  5. How has COVID-19 affected M&A?

  6. What do you think of the government’s health response to COVID?

  7. How many face masks do you think were sold in 2020?

  8. How is COVID-19 impacting the macroeconomy and industry specific valuations?

  9. When do you expect commodity prices to rebound from recent lows and to what extent are they the result of COVID-induced over-supply?

  10. What’s something our clients should be aware of in the market at the moment?

  11. Private equity firms had a lot of dry powder pre-COVID. How do you think COVID has impacted private equity transactions?

  12. What do record low interest rates mean for value vs growth?

  13. What do you see as the long-term effects of COVID on market fundamentals

  14. Tell me what you know about the SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) boom that has commenced 2021?

  15. Does the central banks’ response to the pandemic justify the case for Bitcoin?

  16. Do you think the Fed will eventually have to buy equities?

  17. What are the opportunities for private equity firms in light of the pandemic?

  18. U.S. equities are back to where they were, does that mean passive investing is still the best strategy?

  19. How would you advise a restaurant chain that can is forced to operate at 50% capacity due to COVID?

  20. Tell me how you dealt with the transition to remote learning and work in March 2020?

  21. Should employees have a choice about returning to work, or should it be obligatory?

  22. Could you plausibly work from home for the rest of your career?

  23. Are the high debt levels of private equity firms’ portfolio companies a cause for concern due to the virus?

  24. Can businesses feasibly stay remote forever?

  25. Have you learned anything new during COVID?


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